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Mansfield Park (Penguin Classics)

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen I know this makes me some sort of peculiar alien person but Mansfield Park really does give Persuasion a run for its money for the exalted position of my favourite Austen. I kind of just ... totally love Fanny Price. I know she seems pretty spiritless but that's because she has a miserable life. She's not witty like Lizzie or dazzling like Emma, but she's genuinely an extremely strong and courageous person. And I really love the rake-deconstruction that is Henry Crawford. I know he seems a much more attractive proposition than Edmund the Wet Clergyman but I respect the fact Fanny rejects romantic convention and, instead of going for the hot, dodgy guy, she goes for somebody genuinely decent and honourable who will treat her well. Rather than fulfilling the designated female redeemer role. In short: go Fanny Price.