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The Faerie Queene (Penguin Classics)

The Faerie Queene - C. Patrick O'Donnell, Thomas P. Roche, Edmund Spenser I've always secretly thought you can like Spenser or Milton, but no both. So I guess that makes me Team Spenser. This is honestly a ridiculous book - monsters vomiting Catholic frogs, fountains full of desporting naked boys, more lovingly described breasts than erotica written, by a 14 year old boy - but, yeah, I kind of have a fondness. It does, however, have a female knight, Britomart (sounds like a supermarket to me), the embodiment of chastity who sets out to rescue her dude from a bad guy, and the knight of temperance, Guyon, goes seriously Medieval on a garden ... y'know, whatever Spenser was smoking, I'd quite like some. The Mutability Cantos are pretty striking though and the rest of it is ludicrous if entertaining.