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Fallen - Lauren Kate Okay, I'll be completely honest: I bought this primarily for the cover. Who can resist a goth in a frock? I genuinely thought it was going to be some sort of sub-Twilight bilge but it turned out to be totally metal. I've read the whole series and I kind of think the first book is the strongest - I think because the setting is so, let me repeat myself, total metal I genuinely had no idea where it was going. And when it settled down into a typical teen romance across time, space, death and reality, I was - not disappointed per se, but I lost the OMG factor.

The first book, at least, is set in a ... well ... nope I can't think of a better way to describe it ... totally metal reform school called Sword and Cross. Our heroine, Luce, has been sent there after the mysterious fire-related death of her boyfriend. She is generally harassed by dark shadows, befriended by charming eccentrics and pursued by hot guys - the slightly wankerish Daniel and the totally-up-for-it Cam. Guess which she winds up with? SIIIGH.

So is the fallen angel branch of the supernatural boyfriend bureau but the novel seems quite aware just how much being trapped in an immortal lovestory might fuck up your life. Even if it's, like, totes romance. Luce is great, the backstory is cracktastic, the atmosphere is suitably gothic and the book is smart, well-paced and ... uh ... totally metal.