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Ripe for Pleasure (The League of Second Sons)

Ripe for Pleasure - Isobel Carr I probably won't get round to reviewing this properly for DA, since time seems to be a commodity I currently lack, but I enjoyed this. It's Georgian, which made me super-happy, since everyone wears amazing clothes, especially the men. There's a lovely and very detailed sense of period, which really lends depth and authenticity to the settings. The heroine is awesomesauce, being a courtesan who a) has sex and b) doesn't feel too bad about it. She's clever and interesting and resourceful, and all sorts of delicious things. The hero - alas - I personally found a bit lacklustre, he's a by-the-numbers Georgian badboy alpha-type, who becomes obsessed with banging the heroine is about 5 seconds flat. To be fair, I can't blame him for this, but they start playing sexual power games with each other before they've barely said hello, how are you. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the other two books because, as is ever the case, the hero's friends are way hotter and more interesting than he is ;)