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Glitterland - Alexis Hall Yep.

Wrote this one too, long time ago now.

It was actually the third book I wrote. The first was Prosperity, which was (at the time) written even more cantishly that it is in its published form.

I'd never really written anything fictiony before which, err, is probably still kind of evident. But the publisher were super nice about turning it down, which led me to write Iron & Velvet in response to an open call for lesbian fiction.

And while that was sitting in slush, I wrote Glitterland. Which ended up being published first because publishing is strange.

So. Yeah.


I guess it kind of encapsulates what I now recognise as my things. I've learned a lot about writing since Glitterland but I'm not too excruciated when I think about it. Ash is still one of my favourite narrative voices just because he's such an arse. I try to write all my stories in the way the protagonists would want them told but there's something really damn liberating in letting your inner pretentious arse out to play.

What's the say, AJH? Inner?!

I wrote a fair bit about Glitterland back in the day. Again, none of this remotely necessary for reading of the book but in case you're interested, here are a few of my favourites:

An interview about the book with Ruthie Knox, over at Wonkomance.

A lengthy ramble about narrative voice and mental illness (aka: why the heck I decided to write in phonetic in Essex and why Ash is such a horrible person) over at GraveTells.

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