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Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan This book is ridiculously important to me. I friend of mine gave from university gave it to me, back when we were both messed up 18 year olds with no clue who we were, what we wanted or how to get it. "You have to read this!" he said. And I know it's about teenagers, really, not young men who were supposed to be adults. But it was the first time, really, we'd ever read something that was just about two boys falling in love, where it wasn't angsty, hostile or doomed to death and failure.

So I'm in no position to judge whether this is actually, objectively, any good. It's charming, insubstantial and kind of delightful. Although it's mundane to a fault - it really is just about two boys falling in love, one boy nearly messing it up, and one boy sorting it out again - it's essentially set in a semi-utopian post-homophobia bubble. The Homecoming Queen and the star quarterback, for example, are the same person - a fabulous drag-queen called Infinite Darlene, who naturally finds life a bit difficult sometimes:

Infinite Darlene doesn't have it easy. Being both star quarterback and homecoming queen has its conflicts. And sometimes it's hard for her to fit in. The other drag queens in our school rarely sit with her at lunch; they say she doesn't take good enough care of her nails and that she looks a little too buff in a tank top. The football players are a little more accepting, although there was a spot of trouble last year when Chuck, the second-string quarterback fell in love with her and got depressed when she said he wasn't her type.