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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer Weirdly ... I do not hate Twilight. I had a cold when I first read it, and maybe it was the medication going to my head, but although there are incalculable things wrong with it, from the banality of the writing to the straight down the line stupid of everything, I don't *actually* think it's the worst thing in the world ever. I mean, it did sort of open the door for a sub-genre of YA fiction about girls who are totally conventionally attractive but think they aren't getting to be with hot supernatural dudes who are unheathily obsessed with them.

The thing is, as a depiction of what you think you want when you're a teenager, it's probably ... fair enough? I've never been a teenage girl, admittedly, but I do remember believing in love like the movies. I'd have totally been up for a hot boy/girl committing their entire life to me, me, me, just me. Right down to watching me sleep and having no respect for my personal choices.

I do think there's value in engaging with these sort of fantasies as fantasies.

As long as you're sensible and self-aware about it.

And there, right there, we come to the problem of Twilight.

I think I've said all I need to say.

Except that I honestly think it gets too much grief.